Booking policies

Booking restriction before
A maximum of four squads can be booked before the tournament starts and maximum two of the bookings can be for squads on Friday and Saturday

Booking restriction during: Maximum three non played entries

Total number of bookings: Unlimited

Booking cancellations: Possible

Booking administration: Squad lists with priority numbers 1-NN

Order of bookings: First-come-first-served

Booking added
The booking is given a priority number, which is one higher than the highest priority number in the previous list

Booking removed
All priority numbers, which are higher than the priority number of the cancelled booking, is reduced by one

Lane assignments and lane movements

Lane draws: Carried through by Notaries Public

Players per pair in squads: Maximum four

Frequency of movement: After each game

Movement method: Left lane players moves left and right lane players moves right

Number of lanes to move: Two lanes in smaller squads and four lanes in bigger squads

Tournament tie rules

The highest positioned athlete will be the athlete scoring the highest last game. If a tie still exists, the highest positioned athlete will be the athlete with the highest second last game etc.

In case of tie, the highest positioned player will be the player with the highest position after the qualification.

Final Step 1-3
Ties influencing who will qualify for the next final step will be broken by playing a 9th and 10th frame roll off, repeated until the tie is broken. In all other tie situations in step 1-3, a procedure similar to the procedure for the qualification will be followed.

Final step 4 (elimination matches)
In case of a tie, decisive for a continuation from Round 1 or 2, or decisive for the outcome of Round 3 and in the final one-game match, a one ball roll off on a full set of pins will be played, repeated until the tie is broken.

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