Welcome to Odense International

We will be ready to recieve yor registration for the 2024-edition of Odense International, from the 17. januar!
This year you will se the following changes to the tournament format!

    • We are starting one day earlier
    • We have extended the number of participants qualifying for the finals this way:
      • Two spots for female bowlers
      • Two spots for senior 50+ bowlers
    •  Four Early Bird Competitions, each for two squads in the first eight squads
    • Youth Bowler must not reach the age of 23 when the tournament is played

We are looking forward to seeing you August, 17th – 25th, in Odense!

Tournament info

Registration for the turbo must be made during registration and payment, which must take place before the squad starts and is only valid for squad just entered.


Registration for Odense International 2024 will be opened in the beginning of 2024. 


Results will be present on a game to game basis as the suads are conducted!
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Winner 2023

Danish youth player Nicolas Carter wins the Odense International 2023 after an exciting final with the 2018 winner, Arnar Jonsson from Iceland.

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