Odense International 2018

1. August 2018

We are only a little month away from starting this year Odense International 2018 and we have put in work for making an exciting, challenging, but also playable oil pattern for this year tournament.

Please NOTICE – that we have changed the format this year, so we now have a youth and senior competion.

2 players from each competition, that are not qualified within the top 24, will qualify for the final step 1 on sunday the 2/9-2018. By doing this we hope to see more players in the youth group          ( players not 20years old before the start of the tournament ) and more seniors ( players not 50 years old before the end of the tournament ) participating in this years event, trying to compete against some of the best national and international players.

We look forward to seeing you all in Odense in the week 26/8-2/9-2018


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